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Las Peregrinas

Las Peregrinas

Linen Travel Blouse 

small run fair trade and woman owned

designed by Peregrine Honig  and patterned by Lorena Gallardo conceived at Yucatán Artist Residency. Made to Order. 


I met Lorena Gallardo and her little daughter at an artist residency in Chuburna Puerto. We sat down and sketched out a variation of a classic linen guayabera and within two weeks, with one simple change, we had a sample. 

Her company, Nook Nuuk, employs a family of local seamstresses. Every piece is made to order and entirely fair trade. Hand sewn from 100% Italian linen, material and production are split equally. A series of garments all named after birds are in the works.

Photographs by Kelby Reck

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